Singapore’s GemPower speeds smart sustainability via IoT

Singapore’s GemPower speeds smart sustainability via IoT

GemPower Cloud is a Singapore-based joint venture that aims to accelerate smart city growth by speeding the enabling of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The firm announced the joint venture between People Power China, a cloud and mobile services provider for IoT, and Singapore-based Gem Weltronics that makes green technology solutions.

The GemPower venture aims to speed time-to-market for IoT products and services by rapidly enabling IoT capabilities via its Ensemble software.

“The IoT industry faces major fragmentation, and with complicated user experiences and the lack of industry-wide standards to connect devices from different manufacturers, potential growth within the industry is stifled,” said People Power China board director Sid Sung. “GemPower’s integration and deployment of Ensemble provides seamless integration of a single operating system that works with one intelligence and can be deployed across many devices, services and protocols to bridge the gap within the IoT industry and provide the tools to enable more than smart homes, but smart factories and smart cities too.”

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is proving to be a game-changer in many fields, none more structurally than in the automation industry. And as reported earlier by ReadWrite, a recent study by Morgan Stanley reinforces bullish sentiment for future automation investment thanks to the huge potential of IIoT.

GemPower focused on ASEAN region for now

The venture, which will focus on the ASEAN region, will help service providers achieve sustainability goals in manufacturing and other industries by analyzing, enhancing and managing any Internet-connected device.

“We see an enormous opportunity to help build and support smart communities to reduce energy consumption and unlock new sources of value for companies within Singapore and the Southeast Asian region,” said CEO and co-founder of People Power Gene Wang.

“Having started out as a customer of People Power’s, it soon became apparent that Gemwel shared our vision of human-centric IoT,” he adds. “This joint venture provides Gemwel and People Power with the ability to push forward the next phase of the industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, with readymade IoT solutions.”

Hosted in Singapore, Ensemble’s design creates valuable, sticky services quickly and allows service providers to offer additional revenue-generating services through white-label branded services.

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